Building & Construction Materials

Building and Construction Materials

We offer an extensive range of building and construction materials, Products and equipment. Whether you are looking for a specific brand or performance specifications, Spree is your supplier of choice. With 1000s different suppliers in the GCC at our finger tips and sourcing offices in China, UK and North America- we can supply any material or product required.

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Access Control, Communication and Security

Controllers and Monitors

Door and Window Supplies

Electrical Power and Distribution

Access control and security equipment is used to monitor and restrict access to equipment, parts of buildings, or entire facilities. Communications equipment transmits data in electronic form using either cabling or radio signals. Controllers and monitors are instruments for monitoring and automatically revising equipment or parameters such as temperature, humidity, flow, level and lighting. Door and window supplies include doors, windows, hardware and accessories used with doors and windows.

Products to control and deliver electrical power throughout a building. 



Fire Detection and Suppression


HVAC - Cooling

Products that are used to finish a building during construction or renovation. Fire detection and suppression systems are used in commercial and industrial buildings to detect and extinguish fires. Hardware includes bumpers, drawer slides, grommets, hooks, casters, handles, pulls, and other components manufactured for a specific capability or function. Equipment and products used for HVAC cooling systems.

HVAC - Heating

HVAC - Ventilation

Lighting Fixtures and Lamps


Equipment and products used for HVAC heating systems. Equipment and products used for HVAC ventilation systems. Lighting and fixtures are used for illumination purposes or to provide a source of light for a specific application. This category includes halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, and lighting fixtures. Building and construction machines include masonry forms, earth moving & landscaping equipment, material handling machines and other construction machinery.


Plumbing and Fluid Control Roofing Safety Equipment
Raw and processed materials used in the building and construction industry.

Products to control and deliver water throughout a building structure. 

Roofing products include all materials, products and accessories used for constructing and maintaining roofs.  Safety products and equipment provide safety for personnel working in and around construction sites.  


Tools Uncategorized  
 Storage products are safe and secure containers for tools and materials for the building and construction industry.  Building and construction tools and machines include hand tools and power tools used in the building and construction industry. Specialty or proprietary products and accessories related to building and construction equipment.    






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