Replica Panerai Mike Horn Watch

Replica Panerai Mike Horn Watch

The most significant change of Panerai in 2019 is to treat the professional diving watch SUBMERSIBLE as a separate series, which is independent from the LUMINOR1950 series. Mike Horn is a South African adventurer who has bypassed the Artic Circle alone and has been the Ambassador of Panerai for more than a decade. In honor of his achievements, Panerai Mike Horn PAM985 Watch.


The replica panerai mike horn watch dial has undergone some adjustments. Based on the Swiss movement, its second hand has been redesigned, although it still retains the familiar sandwich structure. The dial-like text on the dial, that is, the logo, model name, automatic and depth levels, is actually printed under the crystal, and the suspension design is also used in vs.


The Replica Panerai Mike Horn Watch is equipped with the standard accessories of the diving watch, a rotatable bezel, and the function of this bezel: In short, it is a point in the mind of the diver. Assuming that the oxygen in the water can only sustain for half an hour under water, then you can By combining the hour hand or minute hand, when the needle approaches the position of this night pearl, it can be used as a benchmark. Of course, many hublot replica collectors also recognize this fake panerai watch.


The bridge is the most classic part of the Fake Panerai Mike Horn PAM985 Watch, and it also allows the watch to be recognized as a whole. The diameter of the 47mm case fully meets the requirements of big wrist tough guys; its titanium case structure makes the watch resistant The characteristics of scraping, and those who are allergic to metal can consider that the watch as a whole is an oversized watch. The configuration of this rolex yachtmaster replica material will not look overwhelming, as the bronze Panerai 382 mentioned earlier is heavier Watch


The dense bottom design is not easy to see the flaws. Like the Panerai 984, the case back is engraved with the signature of Mike Horn and the pattern inspired by marine life echoes the theme of environmental protection. The strap is made of environmentally friendly materials. In fact, the hand feels very soft and can be worn directly. I think the Replica Panerai Mike Horn Watch is an excellent new product in the replica watches usa seller market this year, plus the comfort of the strap, I also like to wear it very much.


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