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Spree works with hundreds of Distributors, and Stockists both regionally and worldwide. We have 13 years of extensive experience in supplying a vast range of different materials and equipment across major industry sectors. We have proved time and again our trustworthiness and capability in handling complex and multiple purchase orders which we essentially streamline into 1 or 2 deliveries. As such our strongest trait is "Single Source". We also have a dedicated product sourcing team that is capable of locating and acquiring just about any product worldwide.


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The below section shows the broad spectrum of products categories we frequently handle:


Heavy Duty & Handling Equipment

We supply just about heavy duty and handling equipment there is…We deal with world leading brands and can offer you competitive rates for the likes of Manitou, Case, Komatsu, JCB, Terex, Linde, Faresin, Hyundai, Toyota, Caterpillar, Locatelli, MAN, Renault.& Tata trucks chassis. We also have dealt with a lot of other well known brands and if we haven’t then we will for you.

Aerospace & Defense

Over the course of the past four years, the relationships we have developed with manufacturers, distributors, and surplus suppliers provides us access to an immense range of parts, for aviation, construction and defense- from bearings and fasteners to avionics, Military communication systems, aircraft structural parts, ground service fuelling and equipment parts. If we do not have the part you need, we have the capability to find it…

Motion and Controls

Through our extensive supplier network, we are able to provide our customer with standard range of stepper motors, brushed and brushless dc motors to the more complex world of custom motion system design and our new family of motion controllers. If we haven’t supplied a specific item before then there is no better time than to start for you.

Automotive Spare Parts

We supply spare parts for cars, SUVs, light trucks and large trucks. We also supply sensitive parts to fuelling trucks as well. We have a database of approximately 1500 suppliers for spare parts; each specializing on particular OEM products. Key brands include but not limited to: Toyota, Ford, GM, Chevrolet, GMC, Hyundai, Man, Manitou, Oshkosh, Mitsubishi , Isuzu, Kia, Nissan and many more. We supply other items less known as spares such as batteries. We deal with Optima batteries, AC Delco and other battery types.

HVAC(R) Systems

Spree is a reseller of Genuine, and new equipment as well as commercial replacement parts for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. We supply HVAC parts for systems made by the industry's top manufacturers, including Carrier, York, Trane, McQuay, Barber Coleman and GE Motors. We also supply Daikin, Danfoss and other notable brands. Whether you're looking for hard-to-find HVAC heater parts or refrigerants, we are here to serve.

Networking & Communication Equipment

We source and supply any Communications devices, Networking equipment, electronic RF, Microwave, and Wireless Components… We also supply Fiber Optic cables and cable ducts and innerducts.

Building & Construction Materials

We offer an extensive range of building and construction materials, Products and equipment. Whether you are looking for a specific brand or performance specifications, Spree is your supplier of choice. With 1000s different suppliers in the GCC at our finger tips and sourcing offices in China, UK and North America- we can supply any material or product required.

Imaging, IT &Video Equipment

We deal with small to large and complex RFQ for Imaging and IT equipment. For more information or if you have a query, please contact us.

Pharma and Medical Equipment & Supplies

Spree offers an extensive range of healthcare products and services through our extensive network in the Healthcare sector. These units are leaders in their respective markets, given their excellence in managing, developing and supporting leading brands. Each unit is managed by experienced business heads, equipped with the skills and resources necessary to run efficiently and provide outstanding service our customers throughout the Middle East and Africa.


Electrical & Electronics

Spree supplies power distribution and control products, bus plugs, cables, circuit breakers, generators, motor controls, switchgear, transformers, UPS & renewal parts and much more.

Material Handling &Packaging Equipment

We source and supply the following equipment but not limited to: Thermal Processing, Agglomeration and Material Handling such as Belt Conveyors, Belt, Feeders, Trippers & Plows, Bucket Elevators and Steep Incline Conveyors.

Safety Equipment

Spree offers a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment, work wear and other safety products to various industries like oil, shipping, automobile and construction in the Middle East, GCC and African countries.

Flow Control & Fluid Transfer

Spree can source just about any type of pump, valve, actuator, control, hoses, sensing equipment as well as pipeline equipment produced by many of the world’s leading manufacturers. We offer many different leading and generic brands according to performance specifications or price targets or even both.


We are a one stop solution for all Plumbing Accessories, Fixtures, Tools, Valves, Pipes, fittings, pumps, heaters and filters and much more. We also supply all leading brands as well as less known ones in the market place.

Materials & Chemicals

We offer a complete spectrum of lubricants, chemicals and raw materials from UAE, China and India as well as other commercial and industrial adhesives, cleaning chemicals and sealants. We can also provide you with a reliable source of polymers and composite materials from China, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Sensors, Testing,Transducers & Detectors

We source and supply a wide range of products including but not limited to: Acoustic and Audio Equipment, Chemical Sensors, Density and Specific Gravity Sensing, Displacement Sensing, Electrical and Electromagnetic Sensing, Encoders and Resolvers, Environmental Sensors, Flow Sensing, Force Sensing, Gas Sensing, Humidity and Moisture Sensing, Safety Sensors and Switches, Security Sensors, Temperature Sensing and more.

Fluid Power

We offer all types of hydraulic and pneumatic products and accessories. We can supply leading brands and generic branded products with respective standards and accreditations to suit your requirements.

Mechanical Components

We supply an extensive range of products including but not limited to: Bearings and Bushings,, Belts and Pulleys, Brakes and Clutches, Chains and Sprockets, Couplings, Collars and Universal Joints, Fastening and Joining, Gears and Gearing, Industrial Hardware, Industrial Heaters and Heating Elements, Industrial Tools, Power Transmission, Pulleys and Belts, Seals, Shock and Vibration Control Products, Solenoids, Springs and Switches.

Manufacturing and Process Equipment

We supply top of the line new as well as used products for the industrial market including pumps, piping systems, valves, tanks, tools, grating and structural products, coatings, drainage systems, environmental and waste management systems and much more.

Specialized Industrial Products

We supply a wide range of specific products such as but not limited to: Agricultural and Farming Products and Equipment, Biotechnology Products, Broadcasting, Studio, and Theatrical Equipment and Supplies, Commercial, Uniforms and Industrial Clothing, Environmental Products, Food and Beverage Products and Equipment, Medical Equipment and Supplies, Navigation Equipment, Oil, Gas and Mining Equipment, Public and Municipal Products, Solar Technology Solutions.

Duty Free and Travel Retail Products

Our team has expertise in the global procurement and supply of the various product ranges that are required for the Duty-Free Travel Retail Segment. We have the capability to source travel retail products across various brands for beverages, confectionery, chocolates, fragrances, tobacco, electronics and travel retail accessories. We deal in major brands for these segments. We have the capability to deliver these at customer locations across Africa, Middle East and Asia.

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